rosie  matt!! light meter sold yet? :)  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 2:44pm
Matt Nicolosi  UPDATE: Okay, gang, the following items are no longer available: D200 camera, 28-70mm lens, light meter, camera bag. Thanks to all that have emailed and congrats to those who were quickest on the drawl.  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 2:38pm
Kelly Holder  Anyway that Tamrac bag will hold a 17 inch laptop? Probably not, huh? If so, I'm definitely interested!  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 1:54pm
Jason Drumm  MATT, I'll take the light meter is MSBUNN doesn't get it. Just email me. Thanks, Jason  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 1:19pm
Monica  Awww, Matt, I was waiting for you to part with that 28-70 2.8, but couldn't wait any longer, so went and bought the 24-70 2.8.  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 1:09pm  Have you already gotten an inquiry for the Minolta IV F Light Meter?  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 12:43pm
jenny  man...i was hoping you were going to sell that infamous 85mm 1.2!!!  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 7:08am