Denise Ruwe  Great job, very candid shots! William - so serious and Harry - so transparent; he's pure WYSIWYG. These are great pictures of 2 beautiful boys.  Sep 28, 2008 ~ 2:22pm
April Todd  These are so cute- I love the water ones, perfect images for young boys!  Sep 24, 2008 ~ 1:53pm
Jason Drumm  I wanna see the shots of the touchdown dances. :-)  Sep 24, 2008 ~ 8:21am
Shelley Rankin  Matt these are really nice. Love these little guys and how natural you got them to be in front of the camera. Love the look of these. Very classic.  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 7:18pm
Roshawn Talley  I think it's amazing that Deb was the winning bid. One if these little guy's was in my class two years ago and taught me a little bit about our Presidents!  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 6:09pm
Melissa   These are awesome! You always do great work but I LOVE the effects you put on these. Are you considering offering a workshop person or online?  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 3:59pm
Dennis  Good stuff Matt...I love the look on the second to the last one. I am with Jenny on the processing hints on these.  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 3:27pm
Dianna  Those are really nice! I'd have to say that my favorite one is the one on the swing.  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 10:54am
Karen Beyer  these are timeless! you did a most excellent job with the boys! and glad to hear you had so much fun...getting wet! when i first started reading your post, i thought, oh no...i can see where this is going! water, camera...the two don't mix well!  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 9:44am
Garry  I would bet that Kylie stood back and laughed at you. They are great pictures and I like your work. You made Tina and I look good a few days back  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 9:40am
Monica  Yes, you'll have to put that in our workbook (ahem!). Gorgeous images with some really dramatic light.  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 9:25am
leanne  The light off the water is fantastic. Fishing anyone? Great shots, Matt!  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 9:03am
Larry  Fantastic. These photos are incredible. I must now take my sons (and D3) to the park.  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 7:49am
jenny the one on the swing peeking over the toes. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the "not another one" shot...that one's priceless!!! Can't wait to learn your editing techniques in your upcoming seminar..ahem!!!!  Sep 23, 2008 ~ 7:32am