Heather Cole  I'm honored to be categorized in the same category as you. Hope to meet you in person one day. :)  Sep 3, 2008 ~ 11:38pm
Sharon  Very cool! I'm going to refer to you now as "the famous" Matt Nicolosi. Love the photos you used!! :)  Sep 2, 2008 ~ 12:40am
Karen Kirkland  Matt - your work is absolutely incredible...love, love, love your style of composition - thank you for being so willing to share your work and for being open to answering all of natalie's awesome questions.  Aug 31, 2008 ~ 2:28pm
kendra  Thanks so much for sharing what you did in the interview, Matt, especially the lighting info. Hope to see you share more in this area in the future!!!  Aug 30, 2008 ~ 4:02pm
Tina  Awesome story, Matt. Thanks for being MY mentor!!  Aug 30, 2008 ~ 12:56pm
Natalie Norton  Thank YOU Matt! It was a joy.  Aug 30, 2008 ~ 12:27pm
Monica  Nice interview, Matt. So generous and inspiring as always...  Aug 30, 2008 ~ 10:19am
Dennis  What a stud  Aug 30, 2008 ~ 8:11am