shelley rankin  Glad to see you are able to shoot again. You seem to be able to extract the extrordinary from the ordinary! Love these.  Aug 29, 2008 ~ 10:09am
Paula  Oh, I know just the farm and I agree. I hope that farmer never sells. I love driving by there. Great cow shots! LOL about the sitting fee Macey.  Aug 29, 2008 ~ 9:01am
Melissa Jill :)  Awww....the baby cowwww.  Aug 29, 2008 ~ 12:50am
Schrode  Glad you are "back in the saddle" my friend! Hey, I am talking about barbed wire in class tomorrow so I will be sure to show my students your photo! :) p.s. GO BUCKEYES!  Aug 28, 2008 ~ 9:52pm
kendra  Glad you're on the mend and back behind the camera again!  Aug 28, 2008 ~ 3:08pm
kimbrali  those sweet little faces are the exact reason i recently gave up red meat. i mean seriously...could you take a big bite of a steak while staring into that sweet little babys eyes? im sure ill cave one day though :) glad you are feeling better.  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 11:07pm
Karen  ahhh....gotta pay tribute to the livestock! :) glad to have you back~  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 4:40pm
Monica  Welcome back, Matt's camera. Geez, you even photograph cows marvelously. Love the one where the three are looking at us, like, "Cheese. Huh?"  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 1:41pm
Macey  I hope those cows are paying a sitting fee at least, that is a great cow family portrait!  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 9:32am
Candy  Beautiful. Glad to see you back.  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 9:29am
Dennis  Like the feel of that last shot Matt. Apply ample oil to the shoulder and rotate to remove any rust.  Aug 27, 2008 ~ 7:37am