Eliza Boquin  You are hilarious!  Sep 29, 2008 ~ 4:12pm
Calvin  This was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to check out mine at http://blog.reflectionsbythehill.info/2008/09/oh-myyearbook-pictures.html.  Sep 13, 2008 ~ 1:28pm
Rae Mati  Matt, Seriously, you need to be a comedian. I always go to your blog if I need a good laugh and it never fails.  Sep 3, 2008 ~ 12:10am
Schrode  Bro - ok.... first off, the top row, third picture (with the cardigan sweater NEXT to the Kentucky Waterfall Mullet) is TOTALLY you in high school from the late 80's to early 90's. The mullet one next to you is most of our friends (excluding me, of course). Two down from your cardigan sweater picture (crooked glasses, chops for sideburns, and plaid leisure suit) looks a TON like your dad.... My oh my....  Aug 26, 2008 ~ 7:56pm
vanessa diel  Oh Matt I can't stop laughing. Laughing so hard I am crying. this is too funny. You haven't changed at all.  Aug 24, 2008 ~ 1:53am
Adam & Kristi  Some of these look familiar. I think I have a few of those pictures of you in our yearkbook :)  Aug 22, 2008 ~ 6:52pm
kendra  Bottom row, far left, I see a very strong resemblance to George McFly.  Aug 22, 2008 ~ 4:12pm
Melissa Jill :)  Oh my. Wow. That's quite a diverse look you've got going there. 2nd row third from L--what does that guy have on his head? :)  Aug 21, 2008 ~ 6:10pm
Sharon  I'm having a REALLY hard time picking a favorite. These are all so darn cool.  Aug 21, 2008 ~ 12:03am
Ashley K  wowie! lookin' GOOD!!!  Aug 20, 2008 ~ 9:28pm
Dianna  That's hilarious!  Aug 20, 2008 ~ 3:08pm
rosie  bwaaaaaaaahhahahahahahah!!!!  Aug 20, 2008 ~ 2:24pm
Dennis  Love the second shot on the second row although all of them are so funny. I need to try it and the in on the fun.  Aug 20, 2008 ~ 5:46am