Jana  oh.my.goodness. These are AMAZING!!!!  Aug 5, 2008 ~ 10:21pm
Sharon  Wow! Especially love that second one ... you should give a copy to the church. Bet they would be amazed!  Aug 4, 2008 ~ 11:03am
Elizabeth   Wow! Great pics!  Aug 2, 2008 ~ 7:36pm
april todd  Matt, these images are beautiful!  Aug 1, 2008 ~ 7:02pm
Pati Pakulis  Wow... those are amazing! I get the chills. I must have had your blog bookmarked incorrectly, because everytime I'd check it--your last post was in May. Glad I linked in from your website. I am a rookie in this business and I LOVE your work-- it is beautiful and inspiring. I hope to reach your level someday! God Bless you--Pati Pakulis  Aug 1, 2008 ~ 12:03pm
Melissa Andries  once again....I am blown away!! you seem to always be at the right place at the right time!! OR you're just really good at what you do! haha!! beautiful images Matt!!!  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 9:23pm
Karen  wow, that church is beautiful...lucky you! but i'm sure you can find equally beautiful views in your new home...like those of your beautiful bride! ;)  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 4:58pm
Jason Drumm  Matt, You rock. Nice shots bro. I've been a long time follower, just watching from the shadows, feeding off your creativity for my own shots. I thought I should poke my head out from behind this curtain to say "Hi, and thanks for letting me look over your shoulder." I'll pray for your move. It can be stressful. For His Glory, Jason  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 4:53pm
Ashley Kohlleffel  Matt... you truly are an artist! I love the way you see through the lens... and your interpretation of the image in photoshop is always perfect.  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 12:41pm
Lana  Maybe you could share those with the church. They would love it. :) They are beautiful!  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 10:45am
Monica  Stunning! Good luck with your move.  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 9:26am