april todd  You have such an amazing way of making the simplest things, like a bunch of N's, cool. You are a true talent!  Aug 1, 2008 ~ 7:06pm
Sharon  Yep, I have a smattering of S's around myself. Love your conversions! Can you give a hint as to how you get that yummy tone? P.S. Wedding shots were outstanding!  Jul 31, 2008 ~ 4:06pm
Audra Little  I love these photos of the Ns! Well done and the colors are fantastic! BTW, great blog :)  Jul 29, 2008 ~ 12:37pm
Cindy  I love it! I collect 'M's'. Now get back to packing!  Jul 29, 2008 ~ 8:59am
Carin  these are FABULOUS!!!  Jul 29, 2008 ~ 8:47am
kendra  I wish I could do something so cool while trying to get out of working.  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 5:26pm
Dennis  Cool stuff Matt....  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 5:08pm
Monica  Ah, moving...and procrastination ;)  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 1:05pm
Mollie  Aaah.. I recognize this (as I do this myself) Might you be procrastinating the packing with N photo taking?? ;) As always... awesome photo skillz.  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 10:39am
Cecile  Cool N's  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 10:27am
Suz  Isn't packing a blast?! This is really a creative way to make it fun :)  Jul 28, 2008 ~ 9:17am