Trina Knudsen  Hey Matt, thanks for the post. It was incredible to me that on the 23rd I was experimenting with Photoshop's HDR (with less than acceptable results), and you had this post the same day. I really enjoy your work. Thanks to Melissa Jill for introducing me to your blog.  Jul 25, 2008 ~ 10:34am
Matt Nicolosi  Philip, wow total coincidence. Nope, never heard of or listened to that podcast. Thanks for the link, though. I'll check it out. Jenny, I actually just started shooting RAW for wedding stuff. I'm still shooting JPG for portrait work. I think it has more to do with having to work more on the fly all day for weddings where I don't have as much time to dial in my settings... I know if I didn't shoot RAW, I'd get home and realize I forgot to change my WB for half the day and have a bunch of nasty JPG corrections to do. I will shoot RAW in portrait work when I know I want to do an HDR image. Schrode, you mean that 2003 Sony 5.0MP Cybershot with 3X zoom? If it has a RAW option (as opposed to JPG), but you're going to need an app to process the RAW files.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 1:49am
Philip Casey  Some people tend to over due it when converting the HDR image, however I think you have defined what HDR images on all about. Great work! Do you listen the to the Digital Photography show podcast? Because I just listened this very morning on the way to work about doing this and using photomatix. LOL  Jul 23, 2008 ~ 10:00pm
jenny  hey matt..since you, ahem, don't really shoot weddings but, ahem, seem to have wedding pics posted quite frequently you shoot all of them in RAW or just the ones where you know you're gonna have alot of shadows and hi-lights? thanks  Jul 23, 2008 ~ 8:55pm
Schrode  Can Amanda do that with our small camera? :)  Jul 23, 2008 ~ 7:48pm
Dennis  Wow! Great stuff Matt! I know I still need to call you to chat. Thanks!  Jul 23, 2008 ~ 4:20pm
jenny  wow Matt...i recently downloaded a 3 page "simple & easy" method to do this and lo and make it SSSOOO much 'simpler and easier' in only 5 inches of text...thanks!!!  Jul 23, 2008 ~ 1:57pm