Snekcip  How could I forget a SAIGE COMMENT!!! That babygirl gets more gorgeous with each picture!! Oh boy has she grown!!!  Nov 20, 2012 ~ 2:46pm
Snekcip  I'm with Leila....TELL US MORE!! look great!! Not that you looked bad before...but know what I mean!! :)  Nov 20, 2012 ~ 2:44pm
audry  Yes please tell us more, Saige is so beautiful  Nov 15, 2012 ~ 10:39pm
Leila  You can't leave us with just that. What sort of changes did you make? Difference looks great.  Nov 15, 2012 ~ 6:32pm
Teresa  Looking good. What an insightful journey you went through and all for the best. Good on ya, Matt!  Nov 15, 2012 ~ 9:48am