Snekcip  Matt!!! OMG!! I must've blinked too!! Where did time go!! When you post the next pic of her wearing it on her head, I'm just gonna pass out!!! I tell you one thing that HAS NOT CHANGED is that BEAUTIFUL little face!!!  Aug 7, 2012 ~ 5:15pm
Christine DeSavino Photography  Oh wow, Matt! This is too precious for words. YES, bittersweet for sure! xo  Aug 7, 2012 ~ 11:12am
Nancy  What a clever comparison! She is adorable!  Aug 7, 2012 ~ 10:22am
shelley rankin  wow she really has grown. Into a gorgeous little girl. You must be having so much fun. Enjoy. My oldest turned 13 and I can tell you it goes by even faster as time goes on!  Aug 7, 2012 ~ 8:05am
Stacey  I haven't stopped by in a little while and I must say she sure has grown! She's just perfectly beautiful! :)  Aug 6, 2012 ~ 10:24pm