Wall Art Prints  What a great photography, all the photographs has great attractive look, little baby is so cute and enjoying every moment, nice to see these awesome pictures, Thanks for sharing this incredible photograph collection.  Feb 16, 2013 ~ 2:32am
Snekcip  Love this "time lapse" photography"!!! You got "mad skills" Matt! Gotta say.. love the masculine flip-flops and the kiddie wagon" in the picture!!  Aug 7, 2012 ~ 5:21pm
Schrode  Bro...... You and Joe are the next Brady to Welker combo!  Aug 3, 2012 ~ 2:06pm
Monica  Looking fit, Matt!  Aug 3, 2012 ~ 8:38am
shelley rankin  love this. Assume it is a timelapse. I have attempted it with little success. Very fun. Glad to see you are getting down time. Hoping to see more from you soon.  Aug 3, 2012 ~ 8:20am