Garry  Great post of beautiful family. It amazes me how you capture the beauty and love in each shot.  Jul 18, 2012 ~ 10:57pm
Paige  LOVE! Great job Matt. Love the location!  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 10:55pm
Mom  Speechless...yep...speechless...  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 8:13pm
Snekcip  Be still my heart~!~ What a beautiful family!! Finley, girl you rocking that PINK CONVERTIBLE!!! Too adorable!!!!  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 3:47pm
Monica  So much love in these images, Matt...theirs and yours. Inspiring work.  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 12:06pm
Schrode  These pictures brought tears to my eyes, Matt, more so for the loving family that God has placed little Finley into. These are great reminders of His continued love and mercy. I am certain that Finley is as much a blessing to her family as they are to her. Well done my friend on capturing these images of family love and support!  Jul 16, 2012 ~ 9:50am