Snekcip  Matt, you are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers. To be chosen for this journey is truly part of God's infinite plans. Each of us are a vessel that God has set out upon the "sea of life". As we sail along "life's waters", we create ripples. Those ripples expand and grow, each with its pre-destined journey. Matt, you as one of God's vessel, have created that ripple. That ripple has grown and touched so many of us. Your God-given gift has TOUCHED each of us. It pleasing to Him to see HIS GREAT WORKS being used. You have my utmost support and I most definitely would like to donate. You can email me the info and I will put the check in the mail. Whenever God is in the midst, there is no room for "impossible". God has chosen you and He will see that His promises are met. God Bless and keep you and your beautiful family....Always  May 25, 2012 ~ 2:54pm
Audry  I willl pray for you and your group, that people of Jamaica will have an open heart and that they may see God shine through all of you. What is your address? Audry  May 25, 2012 ~ 9:52am
Susie Eads  Matt, your life will never be the same after this. Last summer, I was the photographer for a medical mission team that went to Tanzania, Africa. We traveled to remote villages in the bush where there was no electricity or running water. It was a hard 8 hour bus trip on bumpy, dirt roads. We were able to minister to Africans who had never seen a white person before. The salvations were numerous. It was like God just poured out His Spirit on them and they were just waiting on someone to come and tell them about Jesus. It was the hardest trip I've ever been on, but the most fulfilling thing I've ever done in my life. I will never be the same again. And I know that you will never be the same again. When God calls someone to do His Work, it is a life-changing thing. I will definitely be praying for you and the Jamaicans to whom you will minister. Can't wait to see your images and hear all about the trip! God Bless!  May 25, 2012 ~ 9:26am
Toni Albers  Prayers for you, your family and the people you are setting out to help will be going up from our family. May you be fulfilled and more contented in your photographic work than ever before. What an amazing opportunity. Blessings  May 25, 2012 ~ 8:20am
Haley L  what is your address friend?  May 24, 2012 ~ 7:47pm
Kelli McGlothlin  Matt; I will lift you and your calling to this project in prayer---may this opportunity be all that you anticipate, and may you feel God's glory working through you....Blessings, Kelli  May 24, 2012 ~ 1:37pm