Melissa  Great job! It looks beautiful. How big are the numbers? Where did you get them, and do you remember how much they were? I love this and want to recreate it as best as I can.  Feb 28, 2019 ~ 11:09am
Emma  Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I featured this project on my website as one of my Top 10 Favorite Back To School Crafts! You can check it out at I love it! Thanks for sharing this great idea! You're amazing!  Aug 17, 2016 ~ 10:51am
Helene  Just stumbled across your post and am so impressed with, not only the beautiful ruler you created, but also, the great instructions you have provided. Using house numbers is genius!! Thanks :)  Apr 26, 2015 ~ 3:52am
Suzanne  For anybody trying this it's worth noting that the multi-surface frogtape comes in .94 inches, which is perfect for making the notches without hacking to cut tape. I got my whole ruler done in about 30 minutes.  Feb 22, 2015 ~ 10:42am
Amanda  This is so beautiful! We are trying it out this weekend. I'm wondering how you hung the board? I'm making a list of what to buy.  Oct 2, 2014 ~ 8:17pm
Jenna  Wow, this is really really inspiring and by sharing these amazing ideas you have definitely cut a lot of the work out! My husband and I recently learned how to use polyurethane and I am the same way, very impatient and would love that instant gratification. But I waited and waited and waited after each meticulous coat! Well one piece of advice I can pass on to you in return for you sharing, is this, that last coat of poly you use doesn't get sanded. But, to be honest I can't tell and the ruler looks awesome, so much that I want my sons to look like this too! Thanks again!  Nov 14, 2013 ~ 5:24am
Sandy  I just recreated your ruler and happy to report it came out as nice as yours. However, I did one thing differently which we're the lines. I used a dremmel and "engraved" the lines which took about 10 minutes. Added bonus was the stain naturally made the lines darker. If you plan on doing it again, you won't have to suffer with the paint tape. Thanks for the great instructions!  Jun 3, 2013 ~ 12:46pm
Rebecca  Where did you find the self adhesive brushed house numbers! I've been looking everywhere.  May 17, 2013 ~ 4:38pm
Amber  So I would like to know how you hang this up... I am making some now for myself and a friend and I would need to know how to hang this up. Thank you  May 13, 2013 ~ 8:13pm
Stef  LOVE this, I've been looking all over the place for stenciling to do the numbers and never would have thought to use house numbers, GREAT idea. Thanks - it's beautiful.  Apr 11, 2013 ~ 10:54am
Sarah  How did you set the numbers? Did you have to drill in a hole behind them so that they sat flush on the board?  Apr 8, 2013 ~ 6:19pm
Sarah  How did you set the numbers? Did you have to drill in a hole behind them so that they sat flush on the board?  Apr 8, 2013 ~ 6:19pm
Jennifer   Love your ruler and will be attempting to make it soon. What is the width of the board you purchased? Thanks!  Nov 5, 2012 ~ 1:39am
Veronica  AMAZING! Yours looks much better than the one on Pinterest from Dear Lillie! I love the house numbers idea that you used instead. Fabulous :)  May 21, 2012 ~ 2:06am
Amber Wedding Photographer  Really nice shots. Great job of handling the subject matter and ambient light.  May 17, 2012 ~ 9:06am
Snekcip  OMG!!! LOVE IT!! How about...I buy the products and supplies and drop it to you and you chg me LABOR chgs!! I"m soooo serious!! :) I'm always in your area!! Great time to meet one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE photographers! No, I'm not a weirdo either!! :)  Apr 26, 2012 ~ 4:42pm
Virginia G  Love it, you did a great job.  Apr 22, 2012 ~ 8:01pm
Teresa  A man of many talents! This is such a great idea.  Apr 7, 2012 ~ 2:17pm
Monica  Ty Pennington who? Pinning this to Pinterest :) It's really beautiful!  Apr 7, 2012 ~ 10:00am
Audry  Matt just awesome I think you should make these & sell them, is there anything you can't do:)  Apr 7, 2012 ~ 9:24am
Ray Panquerne  You pretending to work hard is my favorite. Nothing like an intense look while hovering over a project.  Apr 7, 2012 ~ 12:50am
Kristin Cook  Love it! Very Restoration Hardware-ish!  Apr 6, 2012 ~ 11:44pm