Matt Nicolosi  To "someguy" (anonymous comment removed)- Sorry you're discouraged by this post. It's unfortunate you choose to hide behind a cowardly alias when making judgmental comments about things youÂ’re not involved in. At least have the courage to make your remarks to me personally instead of in a public forum where you can make accusations without having to defend yourself. I have little respect for people that make derogatory comments while hiding in anonymity.  Sep 22, 2008 ~ 2:56am  CONGRATULATIONS!!! You put my boyfriend's proposal -- on First Class flying over San Francisco -- to shame! At least you got it recorded in beautiful photos to share with everyone. We have to retell the same story over and over to different groups of people. Of course, we're married seven years now so I think that point in our lives is not much to whine about anymore. haha!  Sep 10, 2008 ~ 9:34pm
Jamie Stoia  Matt.... aww I have been watching your blog and remember your post on Kylie when you guys reconnected... I am so happy for you guys. You did a fabulous job with the images and how creative you were. Can't wait to stay tuned with more fun with you both.  Jul 24, 2008 ~ 1:03am
Rosie  You're keeping the swingset now....right? :P  Jul 21, 2008 ~ 10:45pm
Shari DeVoogd  CONGRATS!!!! May God richly bless you both! :)  Jul 21, 2008 ~ 3:35pm
Herb  Kylie & Matt, I'll share with you a statement made to my beloved and me thirty nine years ago. This is only the beginning, there can be no end. All the best, Herb  Jul 21, 2008 ~ 9:30am
Lauri  so sweet. *sniff* congratulations to you both on everything you have to look forward to together!!  Jul 20, 2008 ~ 10:27pm
Suzie  CONGRATULATIONS to you both!! What an incredible, romantic story. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!  Jul 20, 2008 ~ 9:38pm
Janice  Wow!!!! What an amazing story! I have been lurking your blog for some time now and I just had to comment on this one. Your photos are such an inspiration and I really admire your writing! Congratulations to to the new house and your enagement! May you and Kylie have many years of happiness together!!!  Jul 20, 2008 ~ 9:35pm
Karen  Congratulations to you both :) The photos are stunning Matt, this was an awesome proposal!!!  Jul 20, 2008 ~ 8:56pm
Debbie  That made me cry! and I don't even really know either of you. That is possibly the best proposal ever... Love the pictures. What a great idea!!!  Jul 20, 2008 ~ 2:52pm
Dennis  Congrats!  Jul 19, 2008 ~ 8:16pm
Joy Kaminski  So awesome, Matt. All the best to you both!  Jul 19, 2008 ~ 1:51pm
vanessa diel  WOW! How romantic and exciting. I am so happy for you Matt. Ya'll make a beautiful couple and may God Bless you both. Vanessa  Jul 19, 2008 ~ 1:19pm
kendra  What an awesome proposal! Congrats to you both!!!  Jul 19, 2008 ~ 11:11am
Lynsey Moore Jackson  What a beautiful story! Even more so that it is wound around the truth. Congratulations to the both of you! Matt, I was Kylie's first roommate in college and I can tell you, you've got one heck of an awesome girl. My love and best wishes to you both!  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 10:08pm
Melissa Surprise  Awesome news!! Great pictures and a beautiful finance. Congratulations!  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 2:08pm
Nicole Mc  This is amazing!! How romantic, a ring and a house all in one day...Lucky girl!!! :) Congratulations!! Make sure you show after shots once you've decorated!  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 12:56pm
Moreno Photography  I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!! Wow Matt, I don't post on your blog that often but I do check it daily! Your mind is just as creative as your eye! Congratulations to you both... PS...I love the photos of the Ring and the "I Love You"...Amazing idea!  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 12:33pm
Carla Stephens  Chivalry is not dead ~ what a proposal. Cograts to the both of you...Adrienne pointed me to your wonderful story. Wishing you the best. Carla Stephens  Jul 18, 2008 ~ 12:12am
Rosie  dang your good matt. Congrats to you and your special girl :) May God bless you as your journey foward as one!!! :) Proverbs 3:5-6....:)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:50pm
Kara May  Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt!!! I feel like a total tard that I didn't congratulate you on FB when I wrote on your wall - but I had no clue. Wow - congratulations! You two are the cutest couple ever!!! I'm so happy for the two of you! What a fabulous proposal!!! Amazing!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:47pm
Adrienne  Oh my God...your making my cry!! What an awesome proposal!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:46pm
Candy  SAH-WEEET! Best wishes for a wonderful lifetime together. Marriage ROCKS!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:25pm
Mom  Yea!! A daughter for me!!!! I love you both.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 10:31pm
DanCL  oh man! you did it! congratulations! the ring pictures are great! ahhh! and if you need a photographer just give me a call ;) hihi || a long love story to Kylie & Matt ||  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:24pm
Philip Casey  VERY VERY NICE!!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 8:15pm
Sharon  Congrats!! I'm so excited for you guys!!! I had a feeling this was coming from reading your last post. Awesome news! Best wishes and God Bless.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 7:32pm
Gina  Wow, Matt! I could not wait to see if it was what I thought it was.... congratulations. If you decide to have your wedding on the Riverwalk (SA) hehehe...I'm there! Have a blast with the new house!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 6:58pm
paige  YAY Matt! We're excited for you.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 6:19pm
Kelly Holder  Matt, how fabulous! Congratulationsn to you and Kylie. Thanks for sharing your beautiful proposal on the blog! Best Wishes!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 5:27pm
Tamara  Congrats, Matt! It all looks beautiful.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 4:20pm
Schrode  Bro AND Kylie - The Styer clan is SO excited for you too! We feel blessed to know you and cannot wait for your special day :)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 4:12pm
Angie Gordon  Congratulations to you and Kylie! What a beautiful proposal.. Many blessings for the two of you!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 3:58pm
Dana two are basically the cutest couple EVER. You look sooo beautiful together and I'm sooo excited for this new step in your journey! CONGRATS!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 3:53pm
Jeannette Kaufmann (Jena Photography)  Absolutely Beautiful!!! Now that is the perfect proposal. Congratulations!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:59pm
kimbrali  so so so happy for you matt. kylie is a lucky girl but the poor thing is going to have to live the rest of her life with a camera in her face 24/7 :) congratulations. its going to be awesome.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:22pm
Kristen@essential imagery  Yay! I'm so happy for the pair of you!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:16pm
Angela  wow this is such an amazing propsoal she is a very lucky gal!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:07pm
Kristi & Adam  Matt & Kylie: Congratulations!! Matt, you are so creative and what a way to capture one of he biggest moments of your lives. Congrats and may God continue to bless your relationship and your new home!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:07pm
Laura Green  So sweet! Made me cry - tears running down my cheeks and I'm expecting clients any minute!!! Congratulations to you both!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 1:21pm
Rae Mati  Congratulations to both of you!!!! Marriage is such as a blessing. You will enjoy every minute of it! It is a like a roller coaster ride, it is can be scary but it's a sure high. Great proposal! Rae (from Skye's Creative Mentoring Forum)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 1:20pm
Kara Elmroe  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This was THE MOST FANTASTIC PROPOSAL EVER!!!! I love every single thing about it! Love those pictures!!! CONGRATS!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 1:11pm
Monica  The very, very best to you both!! Taking all those engagement, wedding and kids photos finally got to you, huh? What a blessing!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 1:10pm
Kay  Matt: Great! Way to go! Kylie is a beautiful girl. I am extremely happy for you. Best of luck always. May you always be as happy as you are today! Always, Kay  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:57pm
Mollie  CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a beautiful proposal story! She's a lucky, lucky girl!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:39pm
Angela  My most heartfelt congratulations. I think you gave Aaron a run for his money in the romantic proposal category! Tell Kylie, "Welcome to the family!" Don't worry, I won't spill any of the family secrets... Blessings to you both.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:38pm
Casia Fletcher  *Tear* *Tear*... yes I'm wiping them off my face right now as we speak! She's a very lucky lady to have such a creative & inspiring man in her life! Way to go Matt!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:26pm
Stephenie Robinson  I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I've been stalking for a couple of months! :) Your work is awesome and inspiring! The proposal was sooooo thoughtful and romantic and the images are just gorgeous!!!Congratulations to you both!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:00pm
Jeanelle Caraway  WOW! Now THAT is a proposal! Congrats!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:38am
Kari Ihns  Congratulations to the both of you! I'm so happy for you. I wish you a life of love and happiness!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:31am
Sarah Tolson  Wow!! That is a rock.. :) What a great story. One you get to tell forever. :) Congrats.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:29am
michele  i almost forgot, CONGRATULATIONS!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:11am
michele  omg matt! yay! how wonderfully romantic and so exciting! i love how things just work out after all.... beautiful proposal for a beautiful couple! thanks for sharing :)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:10am
Eric  Good work bro! This now means Ohio St. will lose to Michigan. I don't know why that is, but it'll happen. Ha! Anyway super congratulations to you both. Good work with the ring as the V.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 11:05am
Dianna  CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so happy for you guys!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 10:48am
Cecile  Oh Matt - You are so totally romantic. What a perfect way to propose. Kylie must be in clouds. Thank you for sharing this....and with photos to boot!!!! But of course! Congratulations!!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 10:34am
Tracy Routh   Ohhhh...... that is sooo sweet! Congrats to the both of you! Can't wait to see who you choose for your photographer!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 10:34am
Kylene Cleaver  How awesome for you both. May you have a wonderful blessed life together :-)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 10:18am
Brian  First of all, Congratulations. Secondly, great choice on the ring! I had to do a double take because that looks like EXACTLY the same ring that I gave my fiance. We were just married less than two weeks ago. Best of luck!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:45am
Laura Leigh  I am so excited for you, I am sure you could hear me scream when she told me. Gotta go, starting to tear up! Blessings to you both from Laura Leigh, Jay and John Majernik  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:41am
Jill Louvar  Amazing pictures and more than that what a wonderful story. It brought a tear to my eye...yes it was that sweet and romantic. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:34am
tanya warpula  WOW Matt, you are making all of us girls jelous!! Congratulations, she is a lucky girl. Great work in the creative department. :)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:34am
Syndy Lynch  Wow! What an amazing story!! The pictures are wondeful too! Congratulations....  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:24am
Leanne  Congratulations! How cool is it that you guys have the big moment all documented by such fab photos! May every day be as happy as this one!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:23am
Jen  CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:22am
Tonya  Wowhoo!!! Congratulations! Very classy. White lies are perfectly legitimate. - Tonya  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:21am
jenny  matt: that took FOREVER!! kylie...i happened to phone Matt about an adobe question the day he was at the jewelers and i can't tell you how giddy and excited he sounded. It was so cute!! (sorry Matt...I know cute isn't a manly word but it was). I've been waiting FOREVER to see the blog post. matt: please tell us you're going to have live video coverage of the wedding for all your blog stalkers out there!!! CONGRATS!!! kylie: have fun decorating!!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:17am
Jennifer  YEAH! Steve and I are so excited for you guys! Congratulations!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:17am
Karen  CONGRATULATIONS, Matt & Kylie! I had a sneaking suspicion this was what you were referring to...but I had no idea how incredibly touching your story would be! Wishing you the best in love and marriage...abundant blessings to you both!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:13am
Stan Semones  OMG That was one of the most inspiring proposals I've ever read. And talk about talent...your photos are AMAZING! I pray that God totally blesses your future together. Stan  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 9:02am
Lydia Wellman  YAY!!! I am sososo excited for both of you!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 8:59am
Liz Williams  Congratulations Kylie and Matt!!! We are so happy for you guys! The great story brough a tear of joy to my eye and the pictures are awesome, as usual. Gorgeous ring too! Let us know when the engagement party is scheduled!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 8:45am
Karen and Jeff Lukens  What an amazing story! Matt, you have set a proposal standard that others will find impossible to reach. Good thing ours was 30 years ago. Pressure is off. You are both lovely people, and we wish you both the best. God's peace to you both! Jeff & Karen Lukens  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 8:29am
Luis Murillo  Well that's quite a nice touch and I wish you two the best. I gotta say that I love the 014_Engaged pic that you have the colors of the shot. the whole framed photos and champagne were a great touch :)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 8:05am
keri Schimpf  Yay Matt!! Nice work. You pulled off a fast one and a GOOD fast one at that!! love the photos you did too - such a perfect touch. Wish you nothing but happiness - you guys are walking in sunshine... so happy for both of you! many blessings on your new adventure... (and for what its worth, marriage is awesome!) :)  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 6:43am
sally   Matt - found your site through Melissa Jill's & I've been a viewer for a while. You work is beautiful, but your heart is too! Wonderful proposal!! Congratulations and many blessings on you both!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 5:27am
Jen V  Congratulations!! What a special way to propose. I wish you love and happiness ever after ;-) ~J  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 4:42am
Melissa Jill :)  Wow Matt--great work! Impressive. I love the photo you did with the ring that says "I Love You" with the ring as the V. Good stuff. I'm so happy for you!!  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 2:40am