Garry  I think Kylie kooks just like beautiful? Satie sure loos cute like her dad! Love dad  Jan 14, 2012 ~ 11:37pm
Dawn   Gorgeous!!! OMG!! I love your photography.  Jan 9, 2012 ~ 4:46pm
Matt  Carrie - If you're talking about the front side image of Saige, she was just sitting about 7 ft in front of the Christmas tree, and I took the image using my 85 f/1.4mm lens with an aperture of f2. I used Radio Poppers to trigger an off-camera Nikon SB 900 flash to Saige's right (camera left). The SB 900 was about 4 feet away from Saige and was shooting into a 40" silver umbrella with a soft-white diffusion sock on it to soften the light from the flash. Finally I put a 4'x6' standing Larson silver reflector panel to her left (camera right) about 2 ft away to bounce some soft fill light. If you're talking about the backside image of the 3 of us, another photographer (Lauren Reynolds) took that one of us at a recent family session. Hope that helps! Thanks for your comment/question.  Dec 29, 2011 ~ 4:48pm
Carrie Finazzo  Matt Can I ask how you shot this? It's adorable. Time to have another one...hahaha.  Dec 29, 2011 ~ 11:00am