Mollie Kendall  so sweet Matt. i wish i had taken more photos when my littles were little. you will all treasure these so much. gorgeous work as always.  Mar 2, 2012 ~ 12:31pm
Snekcip  I have been waiting for these photos!! My grandkids call me YaYa...that's GREEK for grandmother. Now to really throw a loop in it...I'm NOT greek!! Ha!! I'm different  Jan 9, 2012 ~ 5:14pm
nancy  Beautiful little girl and so clever how you capture her with your camera! Good natured dog!!!  Dec 22, 2011 ~ 12:32am
Toni Albers  She's so beautiful, Matt. You will enjoy photographing her from now on. Have a wonderful Christmas with your fantastic family.  Dec 20, 2011 ~ 2:48pm
Barbie Schwartz  Matt, she's more beautiful every month. And your images are just wonderful--they capture the memories and emotions so well. I would give anything for photos like this of my kiddo. But alas, the crappy point and shoot film camera I had 23 years ago just wasn't capable of this kind of magic--and neither was it's operator, lol!  Dec 20, 2011 ~ 10:46am
Katie Arndt  All images are so beautiful! Love her eyes and what you wrote at the top! May you and your family have a blessed Christmas and 2012!  Dec 20, 2011 ~ 9:43am
Stephanie Meacham  I'm right there with you on the technology front and the love of parenthood. Merry Christmas, Nicolosis!  Dec 20, 2011 ~ 8:57am
Julie sowers  Just think... You get to relive these memories again and again in your images. You can tell that she is adored by all. Beautiful.  Dec 19, 2011 ~ 10:32pm
stephanie  she is getting so big! haven't visited in a while so of course she looks so grown up to me now. Such great shots, Matt. Here eyes are amazing!  Dec 19, 2011 ~ 8:01pm
Christine DeSavino Photography  I sure hope I can vote for more than one favorite! So many gems, Matt! xo  Dec 19, 2011 ~ 6:57pm
Stacey  She is stunning, Matt!  Dec 19, 2011 ~ 6:54pm
Erick Claytor  All these are PRICELESS, Matt! Beautiful memories!  Dec 19, 2011 ~ 6:54pm