Haley Lancaster  what a sweet post! yes- you will treasure this image forever :) xo  Dec 8, 2011 ~ 2:09am
Grandfather  I think she is getting ready to say come with me grandfather to get some cookies. Ha ha!!  Dec 5, 2011 ~ 11:18pm
Snekcip  Absolutely Adorable!!!  Dec 5, 2011 ~ 3:08pm
Teresa  Adorable. This is why photography is so important. To capture moments that will soon pass us by. Enjoy her. :)  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 1:47pm
Nonni  BTW...I seriously think you cheated on the gene pool formula...she is ALL you!...but prettier :)  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 12:55pm
Audry Langeberg  Matt you looks just like you:) adorable.  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 12:53pm
Nonni  OK...now you've done it...tears again. I'm looking at a Dallas visit perhaps next weekend or the one after that. Don't you and Kylie have somewhere to go so I can babysit??  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 12:45pm
Carrie Finazzo  I never get over how she looks just like you. So precious!  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 9:54am
Erick Claytor  They grow so fast my friend! Cherish EVERY moment! God bless, Matt!  Dec 3, 2011 ~ 6:25am