snekcip could this post get any cuter!! Truly the cutest pumpkin in the patch!! Oh you just wait...this is just the beginnng! You have been BESIEGED with THE SAIGE!! The cuteness gets ya everytime!! She is adorable!!! I love all the pics but the one (pic 4) where she is "flashing us" !!! Is priceless!! What a hoot!!!  Nov 2, 2011 ~ 2:37pm
Laurie  Beautiful images of a beautiful little girl and family! Thanks for sharing.  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 10:10pm
kendra  I've been a bad blog reader for the past few months. Catching up here today. So many sweet photos of Saige. And I have to say I love those thighs! My babies had bird legs.  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 7:03pm
Erick Claytor  Matt... these moments are priceless! She is such an adorable little girl! She really looks like you, Matt! One word of advice, treasure each and every moment... they grow up so fast! It seems like yesterday my son, Dallas was Saige's size! Though I love to see both my children grow, I really miss those baby days! Enjoy your little gift from God... she is a blessing!  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 5:10pm
Christine DeSavino   Adorable shotsÂ…she is a beauty!  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 12:35pm
Kelly Simmonds  She is just beautiful!!!  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 10:40am
nancy  Too hard to pick just one! She is such a beautiful little girl! I love the ones with the two of you. Priceless!!!  Nov 1, 2011 ~ 10:12am