Gigi  This is a huge blessing. May the Lord bless the new adventure you are about to do it. Love from Panama.  Jul 17, 2008 ~ 12:43pm
Karen  awesome, my friend! LOVE the house, so cool! yes, just leave your wallet at the door... so curious about the next post...more surprises??  Jul 16, 2008 ~ 11:15pm
Schrode  Bro - LOVE The house.... the landscaping looks great. Make sure you keep up with it as I just put in about 5 hours on my back yard alone.... and it is still not done.... ughh, the soreness! Can't wait for the next post..... :) !  Jul 15, 2008 ~ 4:43pm
Sharon  Wow! Huge congrats! Can't wait to the "after" photos as well. That is going to be one rockin' cool office!  Jul 15, 2008 ~ 2:24pm
Tracy .  Congratulations! That is so great! Can't wait to see it after your art is up! Post some shots after you ditch the wallpaper! Landscaping looks great!!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 11:24pm
Kylene Cleaver  Huge Congrats!!!!!!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 8:00pm
Mom  Wow...what a fabulous house! Please do not relocate the scary head to the guest room. On the other may keep guests from staying too long (myself not included)  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 6:48pm
Eric  If you change the wallpaper, I'll be pissed. Great stuff.  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 6:16pm
Elena  Wow, what a beautiful home... I am green with gelousy here... Good for you and congrats!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 12:54pm
Rosie  congrats matt!!! woweee this is gorgeous!!!!!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 11:46am
Cecile  Wowsy!!!! Nice one Matt! And it looks absolutely lovely and cozy. And I am sure after you are done with it...even more....Congratulations  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 11:02am
Monica  Awww, what a lovely home, congratulations! Holy wallpaper AND chandelier. Can Gabriel have your soccer knobs :) Unless of course those might be what sold you on the house. It's so beautiful and really perfect for you.  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 10:26am
michele  congrats matt. exciting news! love the new "studio" space too. can't wait to see what you pull off in there. also, admiring the paneling in the great room.  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 10:05am
Angela   Beautiful house, and will make a wonderful home. Congratulations. FYI, I believe the "scary head" is actually Buddha, who taught the middle way. May you find it while becoming a new homeowner!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 10:03am
Debbie  Congratulations on your new home. Love the layout. And, yes, can see a perfect office/gallery! I've been a faithful blog stalker and love your photography. Have been doing research on-line on gallery-wrap canvas. May I ask who you use? Thanks.  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 9:32am
Leanne  Wall paper-schmal-paper. Looks like a great house! I think you're going to need a cake for a house warming party!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 9:04am
jenny  ...when i saw the tile in the kitchen pic, it instantly reminded me of your fruity pebbles incident - then came your fruity pebbles comment...too be careful in that kitchen!!!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 7:35am
Jennifer Wathen  Congratulations & Nice choice. The house looks like it has great bones. I'm sure with a little wallpaper removal and some paint it'll be updated in no time....  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 1:31am
Chung Nguyen  Congratulations on home-ownership. It looks beautiful! You should keep the slide ... who knows if you might need it in the future for some large mouse-trap device. It could happen!  Jul 14, 2008 ~ 12:58am
Gina  Love the house Matt! Woohooo! Welcome to the world of mortgage!  Jul 13, 2008 ~ 10:17pm
Dianna  That's so great! Congratulations!  Jul 13, 2008 ~ 10:09pm
Tina  Great house AND great pics! I do have to say I feel privileged to have already seen it first-hand. :-)  Jul 13, 2008 ~ 9:52pm