Amanda H  beautiful photos of everyday life, you have a gift for certain!!  Sep 29, 2011 ~ 1:15am
Janet McK  I - O!  Aug 30, 2011 ~ 12:31pm
snekcip  I seriously get giddy when I see a NEW POST! I just love your photography and your dialogue that goes with is just dynamic! I truly loved all of the pics! The dog/cat was hilarious! I have to say I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw the hissing cat by the boots! That puts a whole new twist on "Puss and Boots"!! LOL!!!  Aug 30, 2011 ~ 11:19am
nancy  Matt, way too hard to choose a favorite, but I did. Loved all of them!!! The dog & cat & Bruce pics are too funny!!! Great family shots.  Aug 30, 2011 ~ 10:57am
Molly Woodall  OH MY STARS!!! These are ALL great! The pic of the 3 of you is so sweet! But, let's talk about Grandfather know Saige will probably come up with her own funny name for him! Haha! The pics of him and Saige are so precious....I love how a little tiny thing can just turn a grown man into mush!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 2:06pm
TXSharon  What a doll baby! Great to see all those smiles and those cute, cute legs! So much happiness to be seen in all these images!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 2:01pm
teresa  oh my goodness. Her lil chunky legs are the cutest!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 12:27pm
Karen  seriously, matt...those images with saige and kylie's parents made me tear up. so sweet...i cannot tell you how happy i am for your guys. my heart is about to burst! :) and i am happy to see that you're getting family pics with the three of you too!!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 11:55am
Toni Albers  These are all so great, Matt, and you don't know it now, but Saige will LOVE looking at them in the years to come.  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 11:33am
Monica  It was a blast looking at all these photos and watching Saige growing up so beautifully. (Oh, those chubba-lubba legs!) Who knew dads and daughters could match, too? That should be in the co-op catalog!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 11:27am
Jamie Lap  Aw! She is such a cutie - great pics (as always). The cat picture is classic!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 11:08am
Matt  Hahaha... yah, the watermelon image is two different photos with Kylie holding her from each side that were put together in Photochop.  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 10:28am
Kathy Norwood  The watermelon is my favorite too-but I got to ask, who was holding that baby up. I could never get my 4 month old kids to sit on the floor much less on a watermelon!  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 10:15am
Audry  LOVE the one with Saige sitting on the watermelon.  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 9:28am
bev hawley  So nice to see a shoot with grandparents. They are some of the most meaningful people in our lives and we very seldom see beautiful pictures of them with their grandchildren.  Aug 29, 2011 ~ 8:13am