kristi  that healing brush trick ROCKS!!! thanks!  Jul 12, 2011 ~ 12:30am
Audry  Thank you Matt, so helpful. is there anyway you could one of these days go through your workflow, what presets/actions you use. How you get your pic. to look so rich. Please please:)  Jun 22, 2011 ~ 4:00pm
Snekcip  Very helpful video, but bummed there were no pics of Saige on this post!  Jun 22, 2011 ~ 3:34pm
Claude  I really like the spot healing technique you showed. That's a new one for me. Thank you.  Jun 22, 2011 ~ 8:24am
Sam  Thank you so much for this!  Jun 21, 2011 ~ 2:17pm
nancy  Great review! Thanks Matt  Jun 21, 2011 ~ 12:32pm