Jamie Kutter  Funniest home videos... send it!  Jul 5, 2011 ~ 8:03pm
Teresa  Don't front! You know she's rehearsed that plenty. :)  Jun 13, 2011 ~ 12:19pm
Chad Pennington  Matt - watched it over about 5 times already and laughed each time. Good Job Saige  Jun 13, 2011 ~ 10:08am
Nancy Cuppy  Needed a good laugh. what a cutie!  Jun 13, 2011 ~ 8:56am
Daniel Fuentealba  hahaha so funny... for sure before to become a father you never though to do something near to that :D once I took I picture of my son peeing right in the middle of the change of a diaper. I realie it just when I review the picture on the camera hehe. It's good to be a father... congrats man!  Jun 12, 2011 ~ 9:09pm
Dennis  Awesome! Projectile spit up is the best! :]  Jun 12, 2011 ~ 6:42pm