Nonni  Kylie IS peaceful and beautiful, and she's a great mommy. Matt is all into daddyhood, too. I don't know what is more fun; watching Saige or watching Matt and Kylie learn about her!  Apr 22, 2011 ~ 12:03am
teresa  Beautiful!  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 12:05pm
Rachel  Just perfect. Kylie looks so peaceful and beautiful.  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 11:36am
Misty Matz  I cannot believe how amazing Kylie looks ~ such a beautiful picture!  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 11:11am
Natalie Clayshulte  Kylie looks amazing!!! These are such precious memories.  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 9:21am
Julie  These are gorgeous! Kylie looks absolutly beautiful.  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 8:35am