Lauree  Where did you find the reflector?  Aug 10, 2012 ~ 9:23pm
stephanie  could I ask what direction that window is facing???  Mar 27, 2012 ~ 9:23pm
audry  Just one word: AWESOME  Apr 20, 2011 ~ 6:32pm
Philip  HAHA LOVE IT!!! I'm diggin the Yashica in their with her!  Apr 19, 2011 ~ 10:34am
Suzy E  I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I see you already have entered this photo in the contest! I guess great minds think alike. :) I'm going to sign in and give it 5 starts now.  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 1:01pm
Suzy E  Matt, you need to enter the Saige with the camera photo in the PPA Cover Photo contest! It's beautiful!  Apr 18, 2011 ~ 9:12am
Karen  I'm impressed with your newborn skills! You are the new baby whisperer! Hope you guys are hanging in there and getting some rest! XOXO  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 4:59pm
Sandi  Absolutely adorably beautiful! I wish I had a shot like this of my daughter - now 21, who is shooting her first wedding today! I really appreciate you posting the set ups. Congrats on a beautiful, healthy daughter.  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 2:10pm
Chad Pennington  I 2nd that Laurie  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 8:50am
CHad   pennington  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 8:49am
Laurie  * oh * my * goodness! *  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 11:33pm
Sarah Kamolz  THAT PHOTOS IS FABULOUS! Is is difficult getting her to sleep for these?  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 6:46pm
Julie Fraser  This is the cutest thing I've seen. She is adorable.  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 6:02pm