Audry  Thank you so much for sharing, please keep up the tutorials, specially with the pull back shots, how can you go wrong the a perfect model:)  Apr 16, 2011 ~ 8:08am
Snekcip  Seriously Saige is all the rage right now!! I'm a Saige fan already! Keep the pics coming!!  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 2:40pm
teresa  Saige is SO pretty! Nice to see your other "lil one" Miss Mia make an appearance. ;) Lovely images and great behind the scenes info! thx  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 1:29pm
Suzy E  She is BEAUTIFUL! And the photographs are beautiful. Thanks for the tutorials. I have a feeling you'll be asked to do lots more newborns now! Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 10:35am
Christine DeSavino   Love these tutorials...stunning images...and even the test model is beautiful! ;)  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 9:18am
Chad Pennington  Now the Gods can sing. Thanks for this Matt. Pretty soon you should start up a website called ( I just made this up and I don't know if it's a real site yet) You always have great easy to follow tuts that are fun to look at as well as follow. (You can put that as your first testimonial - lol) Keep it up Man.  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 8:53am
Angie  She is beautiful, and so fortunate to have a photographer dad! You've done a great job with these, and I'm hoping to see many more of Saige in the future. Thanks so much for the pull backs. It gives me baby fever, ha!! I just watched this yesterday, maybe it'll also inspire you...although I am not sure they mention anything you haven't already done here...  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 12:57am
Sarah Kamolz  OH please! I totally don't mind the "precious little girl" content! Haha! She is gorgeous! I look forward to more of your documentation! You photos are fabulous as always and thanks for sharing your set-up!  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 12:04am