Jenifer  Matt, you should be so proud! She is absolutely beautiful :) And great photo!  Apr 15, 2011 ~ 9:21am
Crystal  She is beautiful!!!  Apr 14, 2011 ~ 12:12am
Jennifer Reames  She's so sweet!! We can't wait to meet her!! Beautiful photo! I hope the nights are getting better!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 3:20pm
Liz  adorable.  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 2:48pm
Ronald  Nice shot!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 1:40pm
snekcip  I love it!!! I "second' what Chad Pennington said :-)  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 12:29pm
bev hawley  Love every little detail. Prettier than all of my spring flowers!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 12:17pm
Becky  I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Adorable! She is beautiful!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 11:30am
Tina  Beautiful!!!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 10:43am
Kelly Simmonds  Love the bow and background! I am so excited about seeing all your pics!!!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 10:42am
Angie  I'm so excited to see all the pictures you will be taking of Saige. She looks so adorable!  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 10:33am
Chad Pennington  Hey Dad, an you give us us Tutorial and show us how it was done. Light, Shoot Edit.  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 10:05am
Christine DeSavino   How stunning, Matt! Love everything about it! Sleep's overrated anyway! ;)  Apr 13, 2011 ~ 8:55am