J. W. Manning  Too...much...sweetness.... can't.... take....much..more!  Mar 13, 2011 ~ 9:59pm
Mom  To hear these words come from MY baby takes my breath away. To Matt & Kylie...be prepared for Little Bit to take your breath away...not only on her birth day, but at special moments throughout her life. I love all three of you...Mia, too!  Feb 15, 2011 ~ 11:25pm
Snekcip  Beautiful picture as well as a beautiful letter. What a keepsake for ALL your girls...well maybe not so much Mia...she may just chew it up! :)  Feb 15, 2011 ~ 5:51pm
Marci Yochum  Well said! That...all of it...is so sweet!  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 8:50pm
Teresa  You're so blessed. : )  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 1:04pm
bev hawley  This looks and reads like the first page of Baby Nicolosi's baby book.  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 10:01am
Karen  ok, between you and my beloved husband...the tears have been flowing this morning! valentines is not supposed to be this sappy! :) you and kylie are going to make the most awesome parents and i cannot wait to see baby N grow and bloom! love you guys!  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 9:53am
Suzy E  Thanks for the tears this morning. You, Kylie, Mia and the Baby are a very special family. Wishing you all God's Best.  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 9:29am
Andrea Brewster  What a beautiful love note.  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 9:28am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Nothing like a good cry first thing in the morning. Well done good husband and father to be!  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 8:53am
lindey  how absolutely sweet! the picture...she is absolutely glowing, and your words. just beautiful!  Feb 14, 2011 ~ 2:03am