RAE MATI  Matt, Mu hubby and I can't stop laughing!!!! thank God I saw your post on your new beautiful princess before I saw this. She looks perfect - thanks heavens God doesn't use photoshop!!! Rae  Apr 11, 2011 ~ 10:06pm
Roshawn  Scary.  Feb 8, 2011 ~ 11:04pm
Tanya warpula  You had me rolling on the floor with these!! I had to show my husband. Fortunately for you Kylie is pretty and there is no doubt baby girl will be any less!  Feb 1, 2011 ~ 11:48pm
mindy tebbe  hate to tell you but they are all wrong...she will look exactly like her dad or your mom or someone's grandma :-) Best of luck!  Jan 29, 2011 ~ 8:18am
Molly Woodall  OH MY STARS...I have laughed OUT loud at these! I love your sense of humor....and that Kylie feels the same way! What fun parents you are gonna be!  Jan 24, 2011 ~ 5:32pm
Elaine  Oh My goodness! How funny! I voted #3! ;)  Jan 22, 2011 ~ 8:31pm
Jenn H  These were hilarious!! And did you realize you gave every single creation Kylie's nose? I'm certain she'll be gorgeous, and can't wait for you to start posting images of her.  Jan 20, 2011 ~ 4:02pm
Dawn  Now this was hilarious!!! OMG!!!! What a way to start my morning! I think your baby girl will have your eyes, her mother's beautiful smile and her hair!! I almost fell outta my chair w/the "eyebrow" pic!!! You seriously should take on comedy as a side job!!  Jan 19, 2011 ~ 10:53am
Julie  This is so stinkin' funny! When i saw it this morning i was cracking up, it's taken me all day to come back here and leave a comment!  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 6:52pm
Teresa  LOL! You're killin' me over here! lolololol  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 1:55pm
Becky  I was laughing so hard, my boys came to see what was making me laugh so hard! You and your commentary are hilarious! I'm sure she will be a beautiful baby and thank goodness, we are able to leave these type things in the Lord's hands!  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 1:09pm
Suzy E  Matt, you are just such a great guy. So well rounded. So talented. So artistic. And HILARIOUS! Love these!  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 9:41am
Chad Pennington  OMg - Really cute and Original.  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 8:40am
Monica  What's even funnier than these images are your commentaries on them. I'm sure she's going to be a beauty.  Jan 17, 2011 ~ 8:29am
Mom  SOMEBODY please call plentyofish and eharmony and demand that they add an eyebrow section to the profiles. Too funny!!!!!!!  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 6:49pm
Michell Finley  wow.....still giggling over those.....a couple of those looked like genetic anomalies....I'll pray for you both...lol..but I'm sure she'll just be drop dead gorgeous!  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 6:29pm
Melissa Surprise  OMG, this is so wrong yet so funny  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 6:12pm
Mary  These are absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Busted a gut looking through these : )  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 4:10pm
Mollie Kendall  hoooooly wowness. I may have worked up a tear from laughing. I love it!  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 3:49pm
Crystal DelaHoz  I am laughing so hard right now. That last boy one is so hysterical. You are too funny! She will be perfect and beautiful!!  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 3:40pm
Sal  Matt, Genius!!! I like option C, but know that the "waxing" or "threading" of those bushy eyebrows is not going to be cheap.  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 3:39pm
michele  gasp! so hilarious. so fantastic.  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 3:36pm
Olga  OMG! You are so funny Matt!  Jan 16, 2011 ~ 2:03pm