Chad Pennington  I can guess how many book eds there are um um ummm 2 is my final answer. BTW - Where did you get the 4 PPA Collections - I only have one  Jan 13, 2011 ~ 11:12am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Love these! I have an amazing hand blown glass 35mm camera that is my most cherished Christmas ornament. It even has a viewfinder you can see through. One of my daughters' found it years ago at Lord & Taylor and presented it to me saying I was her "favorite photo nerd." Yep, that's me - a photo nerd.  Jan 13, 2011 ~ 10:21am
Laurie  Very cool! Thanks for sharing. I think I would put an old roll of film inside, just for the fun of it.  Jan 13, 2011 ~ 8:52am
Kelly M.  I got the same ones last year from my in-laws-to-be and love them! You're right about the secret compartment... but when you rediscover what's in there, it's like Christmas all over again! Enjoy!  Jan 13, 2011 ~ 8:19am