Natalie Clayshulte  This looks like such a fun family. I love the setting. Great photographs!  Jan 12, 2011 ~ 11:20pm
Virginia  Matt, I absolutely LOVE your work! I found your web site through and I am so happy I did. I'm an aspiring photographer and love reading/learning from your blog. Thanks, Virginia  Jan 12, 2011 ~ 7:11pm
Nick Tucker  Really nice Matt; love the b&w tones and quality of the sunset light. Can you send some of it over to Montreal?  Jan 12, 2011 ~ 12:32pm
Dawn  Love your photography! The downtown Grapevine area is just a great place to take pics!!! I saw the beautiful pics you took of the beautiful family pic you took over on the "sugarphotography" website. I told her how much I just love your photography! I'm up in the DFW area all the time visiting the grandkids and I would love to have you photograph our family. Can you contact me via my email!  Jan 11, 2011 ~ 2:16pm
Chad Pennington  I may have to come to Texas with the family this summer to get our Photographs done. Matt I have the Box - Thanks and you signed it. Now I can retire. lol  Jan 10, 2011 ~ 11:01am