kendra  Kylie, you're adorable pregnant! Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays.  Dec 28, 2010 ~ 11:05pm
Nick   Merry Christmas, Matt & Kylie. Many blessings and best wishes for 2011.  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 10:19pm
Teresa  oh my gosh. I absolutely love how cheeky your Christmas cards are. Kylie looks amazing! Merry Christmas to you all!  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 12:22pm
David  Great cards. You should try out the OnOne iphone DSLR remote (assuming you have an iphone. You seem like an iPhone kid of guy) Could have saved yourself some money and shot your own photos.  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 11:27am
Robin Mcquay Anderson  Beautiful images! Enjoy that fabulous blessing coming your way in 2011. Blessings...  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 8:45am
Audry   Merry Christmas to you and your family  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 8:40am
Kelly Simmonds  Y'all are the cutest couple. Kylie is gorgeous!  Dec 24, 2010 ~ 8:37am
Dennis Bullock  This is great guys!  Dec 23, 2010 ~ 5:16pm