jasonschafer  how fun! these kids are adorable. thanks for the lens info. I love that you took the photo while the kiddo was crying. I'm that guy too. "wait..wait..I know you want to feel better, but let me get the shutter exposure first."  Sep 24, 2010 ~ 10:24pm
Matt  @ Shelley - I think all these were taken with the 85mm f/1.4 lens at an aperture of f/2. Hope that helps!  Sep 24, 2010 ~ 12:50pm
Laurie  These are all are so good, but that last one slays me.... my boys are all grown up and gone. That last one perfectly captures every little boy who has ever looked out from behind a mask. Thanks for sharing!  Sep 23, 2010 ~ 2:00pm
Teresa  What a great lookin' bunch of kids! FYI - goober snatchin' pictures will get you in trouble every time. ;)  Sep 23, 2010 ~ 10:20am
Shelley Rankin  these are wonderful. The parents will love them. Curious your settings or lens you use in the close up ones of the little girl to get such shallow dof? 1.8? ha! 1.2? :) beautiful  Sep 23, 2010 ~ 9:53am
Monica  Thanks for the inspiration, Matt...I'm taking notes. These are so joyful.  Sep 23, 2010 ~ 9:36am