Leanne  congratulations Matt and Kylie:) That's awesome news! I get to do the baby shower cake! Matt, looks like all that practice taking baby pics is going to come in real handy.  Oct 5, 2010 ~ 10:50am
Monica  The autumn ones in Connecticut were really sweet. These photos are pretty incredible despite your crabby mood. Why didn't you try the fried butter, it might have made you feel better?  Sep 21, 2010 ~ 10:05pm
Amanda H  I always think that as well, I want a small town festival. Hollywood is disillusioning us with their cute bands and small town vibe, I want to visit a Hollywood festival town.  Sep 20, 2010 ~ 11:59pm
Kristina  I love the "Grady Squash Festival" from Doc Hollywood!!! Hilarious.  Sep 20, 2010 ~ 4:22pm
Tina  Funny. We were there, too!  Sep 20, 2010 ~ 11:42am
Chad Pennington  Hey Matt I know you are in Texas but they have quite a few good festivals going on in NJ.  Sep 20, 2010 ~ 9:00am