Mallory  I have to say, one day scrolling on Facebook I get an update from Tervis. No less, advertising your love of Tervis tumblers... Any who, this some how drew me to your site and I have spent much of the past 3 weeks of my life reading daily and looking through your photos. I'm in love, you have a new fan hailing from KY. Thanks for all your wonderful work, and your fantastic sense of humor!  Aug 25, 2010 ~ 9:35am
amy b  matt-i stopped by your site and was not disappointed. you made me laugh and I learned a few things! I'm a Boise State alumni (that's the team that's on the sports illustrated cover right now, btw), so I wonder if they make these tumblers with a bsu logo ;) Your M-I-S-S...comment had me l-o-l(ing). Good stuff. good talk. have a good weekend.  Aug 13, 2010 ~ 7:17pm
Shannon  I get email updates from Tervis Tumblers and they are always on the lookout for great stories about their product....this is how I came upon your blog. I have had a great laugh this morning! And found a kindred spirit that is just as obsessed with Tervis as I am!  Aug 12, 2010 ~ 8:51am
Matt  Suzy, you're killing me. I'm inclined to think the only reason Saban voted for OSU is because NOBODY wants to be ranked #1 at the START of the season.  Aug 10, 2010 ~ 11:20am
Suzy E  Hey Matt, I read your every post and love 'em but you know I never can keep quiet when you post about your fav team. I have to ever-so-quietly raise my little "Roll Tide!" back at you. :) I heard that Nick Saban voted for Ohio State as #1 in the Preseason Poll. Good luck!  Aug 10, 2010 ~ 8:19am
Monica  I think this will be bigger than Oprah's Favorite Things. Is that O embroidered on that Tervis Tumbler?  Aug 10, 2010 ~ 7:39am
kendra  Things I think rock: 1. You're blogging again. 2. The tricked out blog. 3. If I come visit, I can use the K or the M tumblers.  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 6:34pm
Lesley S  Hey Matt, I'm a little obsessed with photography, which is how I happened upon your blog. I am a proud graduate of THE Ohio State University (College of Veterinary Medicine '02) so I had to give you a shout- out!!! Go Bucks! I cannot wait until it gets started (football, that is). :)  Aug 9, 2010 ~ 12:30pm