Barb  Your pictures are amazing. I truly enjoy seeing all of them.  Jul 3, 2008 ~ 9:08am
kimbrali  oh matt! its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen!!!  Jun 29, 2008 ~ 10:21pm
dina marie  you will LOVE that MAC. i have an ongoing love affair with mine :)  Jun 26, 2008 ~ 3:44pm
kendra  Yet another Matt Nicolosi possession to covet; your talent, your camera, your lenses, and now your computer. At least we benefit by seeing you work magic with all those things!  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 8:38pm
Tina  Cha-ching!!  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 12:36pm
bev  No expensive paper weight here. My beautiful Mac someday will become an end table...fits well with my contemporary taste.  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 10:10am
jenny  You did this just for us, right Matt? Now you can edit much faster, allowing more time to blog..your stalkers thank you!!! Why didn't you think of this sooner?? LOL  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 8:06am
kelli  It's. So. Beautiful. So jealous right now...  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 12:38am