Paula and Darrell  Really cute pics. We have a new puppy (born Easter Sunday). As you remember we had to put Kobe to sleep the day before my party. I'd love to have photos, but will need to wait since I don't have a job. Send me pricing.  Aug 5, 2010 ~ 3:42pm
tanya  "it wasn't me dad!! really!!" Mia  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 11:59am
Monica  Hahahahahaha, "oh-no-is-she-behind-me?" This is just hilarious! Ditto on the commentary.  Jul 27, 2010 ~ 8:36am
Amy B  this is hilarious. I'm so glad I stopped by!  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 10:01pm
Marci   OMG Matt...totally love it.  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 4:37pm
Mary  Love your postings.....Your commentary is what makes it so GREAT!!!  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 2:25pm
Teresa  I looooooove it. I'm dyin' over 'ere!  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 11:30am
Kay  I loved these pictures! They were just too cute, especially Mia with the dirt all over her face. Glad you like dogs!  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 9:23am
Becky  Too funny! You are such an excellent story teller.  Jul 26, 2010 ~ 8:38am
Kelly  Matt! This is hilarious! LOVE that first shot! So cute!!!  Jul 25, 2010 ~ 1:54pm