Sue Ellen Pesl, CPP : Austin PPA President  Oh Matt! Your show was wonderful! I don't think I have heard that much laughter EVER at an association meeting! I appreaciate you so much and your photography talent! Austin PPA says "Matt Nicolosi ROCKS!" Love using your TEXTURES! THEY ROCK TOO!  Jul 22, 2010 ~ 11:47pm
Valerie Morrison  Matt, I am sure that I speak for the entire Board of Directors of Austin PPA when I say that your program was wonderfully presented last night. We thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing your beautiful imagery! Hope to see you again sometime!  Jul 20, 2010 ~ 10:20am
Ray Swarts  Matt - It was a pleasure to hear you speak about your growth process and how you go about creating your art in what you see. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Keep up that wonderful work and sharing your insights. Regards - Ray  Jul 19, 2010 ~ 11:40pm
Amanda H  We need you to be at the Dallas PPA that would be wonderful, we'll have to mention it to them. Good luck  Jul 19, 2010 ~ 1:36pm
Amy B  Oh, a podcast (audio recording) would be SWEET! I just have 3 words to describe you: A MAZE ING! ;) BTW, thanks for actually replying to my comment about your razor picture. I am still excited that a celebrity like you took the time to write little ole me back! *sighs!*  Jul 16, 2010 ~ 2:36pm
tanya  NO WAY! I have been following you for YEARS! I comment every now and then. I am so thrilled you'll be here in Austin, so yup, I'll be there too. :)  Jul 15, 2010 ~ 8:32pm
Nick  Matt, grab a couple of energy drinks and a cookie before the speech and 2 hours will fly by! Seriously, I know you will rock it; I wish I could be there! How about a podcast for the out-of-country readers =)  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 5:12pm
Matt  Erick - I don't know for sure, but I suspect the mtgs are not video-recorded. Sorry. Barbie - I'll buy dinner [grin] Kathy - Haha... we'll see how this first one goes.  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 1:26pm
Kathy Norwood  Matt, You are going to be awesome. I wish I could attend so maybe we will have to get you to come to the Brazos Valley Guild in the future. Keep telling yourself-no fear, no fear!  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 10:07am
Barbie Schwartz  Definitely wish I could be there for this! However, I think 14 hours is a bit far to drive for dinner, lol!  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 8:33am
Erick Claytor  Matt... Congratulations! Do you know if your lecture will be recorded? It would be nice to have it posted on your blog for those of us that cannot attend. God bless!  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 3:32am