Shelley Rankin  Love these images of clouds. Your my hero man! I wish we would get some clouds like that. But now you will make me look more closely!  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 9:41am
Nick   Beautiful images, Matt and they have your distinct styling. Even without your added branding I'd recognize these as Matt Nicolosi Photographic Art if I came across them. I'm really liking the PP work as well... very nicely done!  Jul 11, 2010 ~ 5:53pm
Barbie Schwartz  Gorgeous! That's some awesome color you got in those clouds. I love shooting stormy skies, too.  Jul 11, 2010 ~ 10:39am
heather  love the dynamic nature of it!  Jul 10, 2010 ~ 6:28pm
Monica  You don't even need 3D glasses or $12 a ticket to see these :) Magical.  Jul 10, 2010 ~ 7:38am
Robyn Davis Skwarczek  Beautiful! These would be great as a single image broken up over a few canvas' or prints. I haven't played around with any of the HDR stuff at all. I like how these turned out.  Jul 9, 2010 ~ 12:59pm
Teresa  Just breathtaking.  Jul 9, 2010 ~ 11:00am
Stephanie  OMG, OMG, OMG. I am in LOVE with them. They are incredible, Matt!  Jul 9, 2010 ~ 10:46am
Farrah Braniff  LOVE the one with the birds! Makes we want to be them :)  Jul 9, 2010 ~ 9:08am
Matt  Thanks for the comment, Daniel! Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of really bad HDR applications to images where it looks like someone’s had bad cosmetic surgery... multiple times. Thanks for letting me know about the dead link, too. It should be fixed now.  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 11:32pm
Daniel Fuentealba  wow I love when HDR is used not to kill picture, but to improve them... really nice! (by the way the link is dead)  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 11:18pm