ashley  boys will be boys ;)  Jul 13, 2010 ~ 2:36pm
Yaeko  Love the amazing shots. My favorite is the pic of "Littel Zane" so adorable. Love it, love it, love it.  Jul 11, 2010 ~ 10:11am
Pati Pakulis  Matt, you still are and continue to be my favorite photographer... period! Your work mesmerizes me!  Jul 9, 2010 ~ 7:04am
Amanda H  My absolute favorite is the ice cream shot, it just has summer wrapped up in pretty package. well at least in my opinion. :)  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 5:31pm
Monica  Great images and lots of fun. I've resorted to carrying my Lumix point-and-shoot with me wherever I go this summer. It's too hot to lug around anything bigger. So glad you got these shots.  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 3:10pm
Teresa  I love the laughs I get from your blog, Matt. In addition to the OoooOoOos and AwWwwWwws from your photos. Hey! That was very apropros of me for a 4th of July post! lol =D  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 11:02am
Tina  Cool shots, Matt. Good times!  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 9:39am
Robin McQuay Anderson  I truly appreciate the laugh this nice with my English Muffin. And yes, I remember those diving board games...ouch.  Jul 8, 2010 ~ 7:31am