Jason Drumm   Dude, awhile back, this ery topic was a huge soap box for me. Especially because it felt like such a huge waste of money. So i started looking into other options. It is for all of the reasons you listed that I switched to a "Safety Razor." about 6 months ago. Look into bro, I'm tellin you, these things rock! They're cheaper, work just as good, and look WAY cooler. (and looking cool is really important when you're shaving in the bathroom alone). I got mine on Amazon, as well as the refills. Once you buy the razor handle, the blades are like 15 bucks for enough to last a year or more.  Jul 25, 2010 ~ 11:49pm
amyb  it's amazing how you can take a picture of a razor and make it seem like an international competition winner. you're amazing, Matt!  Jul 14, 2010 ~ 12:54pm
Lara Beck  LMAO!!  Jul 6, 2010 ~ 8:30am
Angela  LOL! All I can say.  Jul 6, 2010 ~ 7:14am
Stephanie  You are hilarious. I love it.  Jul 6, 2010 ~ 6:08am
Dennis  I have always thought that the whole razor deal was a scam too. Revolt!  Jul 5, 2010 ~ 8:13pm