Karen  amazing, amazing...truly! i love all of your details shots and esp the one with the little gals' feet hanging off her chair and the boy and his paci!  Jun 24, 2008 ~ 9:14am
Sharon  I've been sucked in again by your blog and there goes another 20 minutes! I love weddings and these are fabulous wedding photos... almost felt like I was there. When you become a famous wedding photographer I can say that I knew you when. :)  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 9:40pm
kimbrali  mad skillz matt:) seriously. you could totally take the wedding photog industry by storm. and i always love your blog comments even if they are totally beyond dorky:) they make me smile.  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 9:08pm
Eric  These are great dude. What's your next gig?  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 5:57pm
Monica  A wonderful story of a wedding, every detail captured by a master story-teller. Particularly liked the humor and intimacy you found in every moment. Just brilliant--you made it look easy.  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 2:10pm
Melissa Jill :)  Um. Yes. You should shoot more weddings. You rocked it. I love the one focused on Eric during the toasts and the one of him during the garter toss--both very Norman Rockwell-esque. So fun to have you along Matt! Can't wait to see how your July wedding comes out!  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 1:48pm
jenny  love the one of the groomsman giving the toast and the groom looking off out of the corner of his eye. looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell calendar!! classic!! i'm with dianna, what are you waiting for? watch out jasmine and dj!!  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 11:42am
Jacob  Amazing, absolutely inspiring!  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 10:57am
Dianna  Who are you kidding? You're sooooo ready to go out on your own. :)  Jun 23, 2008 ~ 9:13am