Kim Livengood  Tervis is a big fan of you as well!  Aug 12, 2010 ~ 10:36am
Jordan Weiland  inspiring work! I am absolutely in love with the photograph of the little girl in the dress from the back. It's amazing.  Jul 28, 2010 ~ 8:37am
haley b.  beautiful family and gorgeous images. it's amazing what a difference perfect outfit coordination can make!  Jun 29, 2010 ~ 8:14pm
Paula  Beautiful Matt. As always. I just love what you do with denim in your processing.  Jun 8, 2010 ~ 8:24am
Karen  Beautiful, just beautiful as always! Funny, I knew a guy from school who worked for Frito Lay and his last name was Pringle! Your images made me smile, thanks for the sunshine!!  Jun 7, 2010 ~ 11:34am
Julie Sowers  These are incredible! Totally amazing and beautiful.  Jun 7, 2010 ~ 8:08am
ashley\  love them. especially that precious little girl!!  Jun 7, 2010 ~ 12:43am
Amanda H  Love them, especially of the little girl dancing away. You have a way of capturing people, it tells a story. Thanks it was a treat for me tonight. :)  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 9:39pm
Maureen  Love them all!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 7:39pm
Dennis  Great session Matt!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 6:46pm
jan  Such fabulousness!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 12:55pm
Jamie Lapeyrolerie  These are amazing - BEAUTIFUL work!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 11:22am
Kathryn Neeley  Absolutely stunning! Matt - you are so so amazing at capturing emotion! As a mother of three "almost teens", these moments pass so quickly and to have had these moments captured would be priceless. Love them all!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 9:32am
Verena  Absolutely beautiful! I'm awed... :)  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 9:01am
Teri  I love all of them but the last one is just beautiful. Wow!!  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 8:27am
Candy  Absolutely stunning. Absolutely.  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 8:11am
Robin McQuay Anderson  My dose of Sunday morning goodness - where would I be without it? Lovely, as always Matt...thanks for sharing so many great images.  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 7:39am
Stephanie  Wow, what a gorgeous session Matt! There are too many fav's to comment on but I do really love the walking away with their son looking back at you and the B&W ballerina shots. Stunning! You are so amazing! <3  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 5:47am
Erick Claytor  Absolutely stunning! Hey... when are you going to head back out here to Portland, OR? You know, I've got a case of those Honey BBQ Frito Twists just waiting for you! Plus... I would love to pick your brain about photography! Come on... what do you say? :-)  Jun 6, 2010 ~ 3:50am
Toni Albers  Beautiful! When are you going to teach a class????  Jun 5, 2010 ~ 10:08pm
kristin cook  yourr work is constantly stunning!  Jun 5, 2010 ~ 9:42pm