Matt  BTW, no subliminal messages were intended in this post... meaning we're NOT expecting anything other than 100 degree temps and a FedEx delivery with some new reflectors.  May 13, 2010 ~ 1:08am
Monica  Aawwwww. Hmmm, baby shoes...  May 12, 2010 ~ 12:55pm
Robin McQuay Anderson  You're killing me with your creativity! Even your baby shoes look like a work of art. Love the treatment!  May 12, 2010 ~ 9:53am
Lisa  Here is a fun site that might interest your viewers. We were trying to developing a social media stream for bronzing baby shoes again. Keeping with the ol' traditions theme you have going.  May 12, 2010 ~ 8:45am
Shari DeVoogd  What is with the sudden interest in baby clothing? ;)  May 12, 2010 ~ 6:59am
Erick Claytor  All right, Matt, it is time to provide a picture of you wearing the hat or shoes... or both! Great memories!  May 12, 2010 ~ 12:34am