Melissa Surprise  Just awesome. You deserve it!!  May 10, 2010 ~ 9:44am
Leanne  Way to go Matt! It's no big surprise considering how great your work is. Keep it up:)  May 10, 2010 ~ 9:00am
Laurie  I just read the article in PP - congrats. Really love your beautiful images; thanks for sharing.  May 10, 2010 ~ 7:53am
Dennis Bullock  So cool Matt!  May 10, 2010 ~ 7:26am
Pati Pakulis  Matt, This does not surprise me one bit... you are on the top of my list for my blog favorites. Literally... at the top. ;-) You're work really is amazing and SO very inspiring! Congratulations!  May 9, 2010 ~ 9:04pm
Sharon in TX  Matt, this is great news! You so deserve to be on that list. Your blog is both beautiful and entertaining. Saw you at TX School last week, but was too far away to say hello. Looking forward to more great posts!  May 9, 2010 ~ 8:44pm
Mollie Kendall  Another Congrats on that Matt! You are sooo deserving of this!  May 9, 2010 ~ 4:54pm
Coco  You deserve it!!! So happy for you getting recognized like this!  May 9, 2010 ~ 2:20pm
Jowhara Wyatt  Dark Brown ;) Just kidding. Congratulations!  May 9, 2010 ~ 11:27am
julie   You so deserve this.. Great work!!  May 9, 2010 ~ 10:32am
Becky  Congrats, Matt!  May 9, 2010 ~ 10:19am
Kathy norwood  whoop! Congratulations to you, Matt! Can I get your autograph now that you are famous. Seriously Matt, you totally deserve this honor!  May 9, 2010 ~ 8:27am
Monica  Congratulations, so completely deserved! It says a lot when yours is one of the very few I look at whenever you post :) You always offer something meaningful.  May 9, 2010 ~ 8:06am
jodi  most deserved, matt. congratulations and keep up the inspiring work!  May 9, 2010 ~ 8:01am
Erick Claytor  Congratulations, Matt! You are so deserving! God bless!  May 9, 2010 ~ 4:34am
Daniel Fuentealba  you're the man... congrats!  May 9, 2010 ~ 2:41am
lauren  you, are spectacular! Congrats!  May 9, 2010 ~ 12:35am