cecily  I haven't been on your blog in a while and trying to catch up. Your pics are outstanding. But, love this post! Your pretty funny : )  Jun 25, 2010 ~ 10:11am
Melissa  That Emu picture is priceless!  May 7, 2010 ~ 7:26pm
Dawn  Hilarious!!! The photos are amazing! You "coined" that EMU perfectedly!!! I'm still laughing!!!  Apr 27, 2010 ~ 8:59am
Karen  i'm totally laughing myself out of my chair!! oh, you are too funny! it amazes me how well you even capture the animal's personalities! i will definitely keep this in mind for a road trip this summer, the kids would love it! TFS!  Apr 27, 2010 ~ 12:41am
Monica  Some of those expressions are hilarious, especially the ostrich/emu? looking in the window...like he's trying to hypnotize you. Great photos!  Apr 26, 2010 ~ 5:07pm
Ralph Grant  Without a doubt the Emu looking in the window is my fav as well. If he could talk he would be saying "Ok, pony up some pellets or I'm going to squeeze my comical non-flying oddly shaped fuselage through the crack in this window and get medieval on your A$$"  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 11:29pm
Farrah Braniff  the ostrich in the window is my FAVE! His little face is so freakin' cute!  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 9:56pm
Kay   I Love the ZEBRA. What a work of ART. My kind of place.  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 6:20pm
kendra  One of my favorite childhood memories is of watching MASH and Barney Miller with my grandpa. Before they were re-runs! And that emu DOES look like Fish. Ha! Why is it that your window is up only in the photo of the emu?  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 5:45pm
Kristy  These are amazing photos! I would never have guessed that these animals were in Texas. You are right about the ostrich, I'm sure. :)  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 10:49am
Jaime  The bird (ostrich?) in the window is by far my fav!!! Thanks for the share!  Apr 25, 2010 ~ 8:36am
Amanda H  This is really amazing, I think I will need to plan a trip with my little monkeys. Thanks for sharing I didn't know we had a place like this so close!  Apr 24, 2010 ~ 4:27pm
Lana  these are awesome. i love them. the ostrich looking in the window is my fav.  Apr 24, 2010 ~ 2:18pm