Charlene  Haven't been here in a while, glad you two made it home safely! Your images pull me into them and I always feel as though I'm right there, tfs.  Apr 23, 2010 ~ 12:18am
Karen  genius, pure genius....  Apr 22, 2010 ~ 11:02pm
Jen Weintraub  GORGEOUS. Paris through your lens is ten times more swoonworthy than the real deal. Père Lachaise is AMAZING in person, but I have to say, you did it justice! Incredible images. Glad you guys had a fab time :)  Apr 19, 2010 ~ 10:52am
Nicole McLaughlin  This are so amazing. Like many photogs, i peek in at quite a few photo blogs when i have time and what I love about yours is that you often shoot for pleasure. I love living vicariously thru you guys in this way! Be safe!  Apr 16, 2010 ~ 8:44am
Amanda H  Wonderful shots Matt, so does this mean you are going to give us some more textures? I am sure you found some amazing ones in the graveyard. Love the cross shots and many of Eiffel Tower. Thanks for sharing, I am officially jealous.  Apr 15, 2010 ~ 1:32pm
sally   Matt your work is amazing. I think I'm most impressed with the fact that whether it's back Texas dirt road, a modern day subdivision, or a centuries old city, your images make me want to go there ! Fabulous stuff!  Apr 15, 2010 ~ 4:44am
Matt  Thanks, all, for the comments. It's such a fun city to photograph. @ Teresa: The soft spot focus in teh image you're referring to was created in post-production using a two step process. It starts with using TRA's f/zero action to apply a soft focus to the entire image and bringing back focus specific areas via a layer mask and painting at different opacities. The 2nd step is to run TRA's f/zero Super High Conversion. Hope that helps!  Apr 15, 2010 ~ 1:09am
Molly Woodall  I LOVE these pictures! I live in Paris, Texas and we also have an Eiffel Tower (Texas style with a cowboy hat) and a very "interesting" cemetary too... including Jesus with Cowboy boots on...a buffalo...etc. Come up and see us sometime!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 2:10pm
michele   *sigh*  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 1:29pm
Farrah Braniff  Paris is actually one of my favorite cities! I love it there. So nice to see it again thru your lens.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 1:24pm
jan  wow. i've never really had the desire to go to paris, but now? i want to grab my camera and catch the next flight out! incredible photos.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 12:14pm
Julie  Beautiful!! Your pictures are always so amazing.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 11:24am
Teresa  Magnificent! I'm sitting here at my desk working on my taxes and that was a lovely diversion. I've been in need of a vacation and have never been to France. Living vicariously through you works for me! I do have a question about image #14 - the street view. Is the spot blurring in camera or post processing? Please share how this was done. I really love the look of it. :)  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 10:53am
Monica  Simply beautiful. Couldn't wait to see your Eiffel Tower photos and they're magnificent. I know there's a book here :)  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 10:51am
Suzy E  Just...WOW! Beautiful!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 8:50am
Stacey  I LOVE every single one of these images-done in your usual awesome style for architecture. It's a life-long dream of mine to go to Paris. Thanks for sharing-now I want to go even more!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 8:38am
Robin McQuay Anderson  Breathless...and loving every image that makes me so. Viva la France.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 8:16am
Angela Nicolosi  Thanks for once again starting my day off with the beauty of your work.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 7:50am
jaime  these are gorgeous! i love your perspective and processing. some of these photos don't even look like they are real (the buildings look like from a model village). thanks for sharing!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 7:42am
Laurie  Thank you for sharing these beautiful images!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 6:08am
Katie  We live in Paris (formerly from Flower Mound) and the first time I went to the graveyard I asked if it is possible for such a place to be beautiful. It is.  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 6:01am