Dude, that's NOTHING. I come from a culture that eats the entire wing. Yep, those bones would've been polished off -- cartilage et al -- if I was in charge of that dish. We make chicken crunch even when it's not fried. KFC ain't got nothing on me and my family! It's a hard job but somebody's got to do it! ;)  Sep 10, 2008 ~ 10:07pm
Mom  Chicken. The singlemost food source of humans that reminds us that we are mere animals ourselves. It's pretty much the only food we eat and leave behind a carcass....ARGH!  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 11:46pm
Matt  Nothing gets by you, Monica. Yep, a little Lens Baby 3.0 play time. And no, I didn't wipe the sauce off the D3... I'm saving it for a snack during my next session.  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 3:07pm
Monica  Nice! Are you playing with your Lens Baby? (Not being fresh, just referring to the latest photo toy.) And are you still removing that sauce from your camera today?  Jun 16, 2008 ~ 2:05pm