Dawn Pickens  Had to come back and add....YOUR IN DFW area!!! AWESOME!!! I have a daughter and son who resides in that area!!!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 8:57am
Dawn  Found your site thru a link of one your FANS!! I gotta say your photography skills just has me in total awe! I'm trying to "get my feet wet" in photography and your MAD SKILLS has me so inspired! I so love this one of the "little boy in the window with dad on the outside"!! My daughter has a child abt this age and the PERFECT WINDOW in her house! I'm gonna try this shot! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! PS Adding you to my favorite!!!  Apr 14, 2010 ~ 8:54am
gina  love that last photo!  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 9:36pm
bev hawley  Love them all...but the last one is a classic  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 1:35pm
Matt  Thanks for the comments! Monica, it's a round room, so no special tricks going on their. [grin]  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 11:37am
Monica  Or is that a round room?  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 11:12am
Monica  Beautiful images, Matt. By the curve in the window & wall in the last few photos, are you using an ultra wide lens?  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 11:12am
Melissa  Fab pics of course!! great job!  Apr 5, 2010 ~ 9:30am