Robyn  I am constantly amazed by the way you can create a piece of art from the most simple image! Thanks for letting us see through your eyes!  Apr 2, 2010 ~ 9:28am
Stacey  Great work Matt! I always love your urban images!  Apr 1, 2010 ~ 7:09pm
ashley  you are simply an amazing photographer. Seriously. We just moved and I am currently trying to decorate a new home... once I finally get paint on my walls I plan to grace them with some of your amazing work.  Mar 30, 2010 ~ 12:51am
Bobby  Your work is awesome. I love the second image of the car... what do you do to get everything to look chrome? Is that a PS action?  Mar 29, 2010 ~ 5:23pm
Shelley Rankin  What I would do to spend a day with you photographing a city. You should do a seminar. You are truly one of those amazing photographers with a talent for seeing the incredible everywhere. Wow... really amazing work here. You inspire me!  Mar 29, 2010 ~ 6:45am
jodi  the composition on these is perfection! glad you got your wallet back and thnx for the ps tip!!  Mar 29, 2010 ~ 6:40am
Candy  I think you could SO just fly around the country, stopping in different cities, and holding seminars on photographing that city. You wouldn't even have to check the area out ahead of time, obviously. :) Sign me up!  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 9:18pm
Linda  I love #3, the space and lines... Also #4 and 5. Love the colour processing in 12 and 14.  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 2:29pm
Barbie  Wonderful images, as always. My daughter is possibly moving to Portland this coming winter, and I can't wait to go visit her there! And so glad you found your wallet and made it home.  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 10:44am
kendra  So glad you wallet wasn't stolen! What a nightmare that would have been. By the way, do you know how many times I've left my purse (and a couple of times my camera bag) in a restaurant?  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 9:51am
Monica  It's hard to pick a favorite in these stunning photographs. I didn't know these many colors existed. But I did stop for quite a while on the hats one. I'm glad your story had a happy ending. I'm a firm believer things happen for a reason, but when it feels that inconvenient, it's tricky to know what that could possibly be.  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 8:02am
bev hawley  Fun to hear the rest of the story. Glad everything worked out. Love seeing Portland through your eyes.  Mar 28, 2010 ~ 6:42am